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2020 - Iron Man

2018 - Death of Universe & Rebirth of the Universe

  • Rebirth of the Universe [WU, U]: Some time before the Multiverse was no more, Doctor Doom had investigated this phenomenon, and confronted those partially responsible for this, the Beyonders. Using the power of the Molecule Men from different realities, Doom destroyed the Beyonders and stole their power. With the power of the Beyonders, Doom salvaged the remnants of different realities and built Battleworld, a patchwork planet composed of these remains and its inhabitants. The raft containing the survivors of Earth-616 found its way into Battleworld, and the survivors set out to defeat God Emperor Doom. In the end, Reed Richards acquired the power that was Doom’s, and began to use the omnipotent power of the Beyonders to rebuild the Multiverse, starting with his own universe, Earth-616.
  • Death of Universe [WU, U]: In the aftermath of the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, the secret group known as the Illuminati reconvened to deal with a pan-universal threat, the incursions. The incursions are a consequence of a contraction in the Multiverse’s timeline, originating from an event in another universe (later revealed to have been the death of a Molecule Man) which caused the premature death of said reality. This contraction caused universes throughout the Multiverse to collide, with each universe’s respective Earth as the point of impact. After an incursion, two different universes‘ Earths clash, causing the death of both universes and shortening the Multiverse’s lifespan. The only way for the universes to survive an incursion was to destroy one of the Earths, thereby saving both universes and one Earth. Apparently, the universe with the destroyed Earth survived until its natural end, but for the other universe, the only way was to either continue to destroy other Earths or destroy its own Earth, thus stopping the incursions. In the beginning, the Illuminati managed to avoid commiting the horrible act of destroying another reality’s inhabited planet Earth due to different factors. In some cases, the incursive Earth was destroyed by beings of its own universe, in another instance, the Illuminati used the Infinity Gauntlet to push the realities apart (though this curse of action caused the destruction of the Infinity Gems). As time went by, and other realities were destroyed, the time lapse between incursions started to decrease. A group of murderous villains known as the Cabal took upon themselves the duty to destroy other incursive Earths, doing what the Illuminati ended up being unwilling to do. The Cabal made public to the world the existence of the incursions, and gained the UN’s sanction to continue defending the planet. Meanwhile, the Illuminati were on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., bent on bringing them to justice. While on the run, the Illuminati repeatedly attempted to find a way to solve the problem of incursions, from trying to create a new Earth with a Cosmic Cube and then with Franklin Richards‘ powers, to asking the Celestials and Galactus for help, but all these plans failed. Time ran out and Earth-616 ended up being one of the last two remaining realities. With no way to prevent the destruction of all of reality, the Illuminati and S.H.I.E.L.D. began working together after reaching a middle ground. They created a life raft that could survive the destruction of the universe, in order to allow men and women to rebuilt humanity in whathever was left after everything ended. The final incursion drew near, a collision against Earth-1610, and both realities collided and were destroyed. The gathering of the people selected to join the life raft had failed, and only a handful of people managed to get onboard, including Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther.

2017 - Phoenix Resurrection

  • Phoenix Resurrection [WU, U]: A light in the darkness is not always welcome. Kitty Pryde, Old Man Logan and Cyclops are leading teams of X-Men all across the globe, chasing events connected to the Phoenix. But with teammates disappearing and familiar enemies returning, the X-Men are fighting a losing battle. Beast doesn’t know how or what shape it will take, but he knows they are running out of time before the Phoenix makes its true presence known. Meanwhile, a young woman named Jean is starting to go insane in her peaceful, suburban life. Nightmares and daydreams are spilling over into the world and revealing cracks in her reality. Jean’s life and everything in it may just be a facade, but made by who? And why? Jean needs to escape. The X-Men need to stop the cycle of death the Phoenix brings. Their worlds will violently collide as Jean searches for an opening and the X-Men fight for closure. But when they are brought together, will the X-Men be reunited with their long-lost teammate – or something darker?

2016 - All-New, All-Different & Monsters Unleashed

2015-2019 - War of the Realms

2015 - Secret Wars

2014 - Original Sin & AXIS

  • Ahab [L]: Die Apocalypse Twins werden vernichtet.
  • Original Sin [L]: Uatu the Watcher wird ermordet. Nicolas Fury muss nun die neuen Helden dazu bringen das Geheimnis um den Tod des Wächters aufzuklären. Sie müssen herausfinden warum die dunkelsten Geheimnisse entfesselt wurden, nebenbei führt der Punisher seine eigenen Ermittlungen voran.
  • AXIS [L]: From the ashes of the once proud mutant haven Genosha, the Red Skull has taken Charles Xavier's body and enslaved thousands and amassed an army. Channeling the unstoppable force known as Onslaught, the Red Skull's ruthless and unparalleled evil now wields a destructive power unmatched by even the most powerful heroes. The fractured teams of Avengers and X-Men are now all that stands in the way of total obliteration. But things take a turn for the worse when the battle causes dozens of heroes and villains to be "inverted", transforming their mindsets into the exact opposite of what they once were.

2013 - Age of Ultron, Infinity & Inhumanity

2012 - Avengers vs. X-Men

  • Avengers vs. X-Men [WU]: Geschichte nach den Erreignissen von X-Sanction, welche Cable zurück brachten aufgrund der Phoenix Force welche die Erde ansteuerte. Die Avengers glaubten, dass die Phoenix Force die Menschheit auslöschen wollte. Die X-Men glaubten, dass sie die Mutanten wieder zurückbringen würden. Nur ein Krieg sollte der Gewinn für alle ergeben, auch wenn dabei Professor X sterben würde.

2011 - Fear Itself

2010 - Chaos War, Doomwar, Second Coming, Siege & Heroic Age

  • Chaos War [WU]: Der Chaos-König Amatsu-Mikaboshi entschied sich dazu alle Universe zu zerstören und sie in ihren ursprünglichen Zustand der leeren Dunkelheit zurückversetzen. So greift Amatsu-Mikaboshi die Erde mit voller Kraft an und trifft dabei auf den letzten großen Aufstand in diesem Krieg. Er trifft auf eine geballte Kraft von Helden, welche von Göttern, kosmische Entitäten bis hin zu einfachen Mutanten hinweg geht - angeführt von Hercules.
  • Doomwar [L] (April-Oktober): Doctor Doom landet in Wakanda und legt sich mit der königlichen Familie an, wie auch vielen anderen Personen dieser Gesellschaft.
  • Second Coming [WU]: "Second Coming" was the final part of a trilogy of stories that began with Messiah Complex and continued in Messiah War. Intended as a conclusion to Cable's efforts to save Hope from Bishop, who has hunted the so-called Mutant Messiah since her birth; the series also builds on the Utopia, Nation X and Necrosha storylines of 2009 in the X-Men books. The story centers on the return of Cable and Hope Summers to the present day and Bastion's final campaign to destroy the X-Men. Leads to a number of new launches.
  • Siege [L]: Als Ergebnis des Dark Reign, Norman Osborn marschiert in Asgard ein.
    • Heroic Age [WU, U]: Norman Osborn wurde gestürzt und die Helden können sich wieder in der Sonne sonnen - vorerst.

2009 - War of Kings

2008 - Secret Invasion & Dark Reign

  • Secret Invasion [WU]: A stealthy invasion by the Skrull race comes to fruition, as the New Avengers and Mighty Avengers and Thunderbolts must unite to stop the villains.
    • Dark Reign: The world of heroes is in its darkest period. Norman Osborn is now the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., rebranded H.A.M.M.E.R. and formed his own dark cabal with Emma Frost, the Hood, Namor, Doctor Doom, Loki, and the Void to control the world and steal the Avengers name from the team, with the creation of the Dark Avengers. Iron Man faces the consequences of his crimes during Civil War, as he becomes a wanted fugitive and near death. Meanwhile, Hank Pym forms his own team of Avengers to combat Norman Osborn while the Hood assumes control over the Avengers Initiative.

2007 - Messiah CompleX, World War Hulk & Annihilation: Conquest

2006 - Civil War (Initiative) & Annihilation

2005 - House of M (Decimation)

  • House of M- No More Mutants [WU]: Scarlet Witch uses her powers to create a world in which mutants are in charge but ultimately resulting in the population of the world's mutants being brought to near extinction.

2001 - 9/11

2000 - The Fourth Host

  • The Twelve: Apocalypse’s essence is trapped in Scott Summers [L]
  • The Fourth Host [WU]: The fourth of four test of a given race that has been altered by the enigmatic Celestials wherein they pass judgement on the races that they have created. In the case of the Earth, the various godheads that live in dimensional realms that have access to Earth (Such as the Asgardians and Olympians) successfully convinced the Celestials of the merits of the human race by producing to them the Young Gods. The Celestials left Earth satisfied, erasing humanities memories of the Celestials for some time.

1999 - Magneto Rex & The Magneto War

  • Magneto Rex [L]: With his rise to power will Magneto tolerate a faction of mutate rebels within his own borders and how will he deal with the humans also living within his new island nation?
  • The Magneto War [L]: The charismatic, mutant, subversive known as Magneto as made his return known and sends his robot Ferris to the UN to announce that he's created another electromagnetic pulse, and that it will not stop until Magneto's given a mutant sanctuary on Earth. Joseph is revealed as a clone of Magneto and gives his own life to stop Magneto attack who at the end is given the island-nation of Genosha to appease his plans for the advancement of Homo Superior.

1998-1999 - The Hunt for Xavier

  • The Hunt for Xavier [L]: The X-Men attempt to find the location of Professor Xavier, who has been missing ever since the authorities arrested him in the wake of the "Onslaught Saga" disaster.


  • Rama Tut Captures Blaquesmith to repair Damaged time machine on his way to 3900 [L]

1997-1998 - Heroes Return

  • Heroes Return [L]: The heroes who died during the "Onslaught Saga" return from a Limbo created by Franklin Richards.

1997 - Operation: Zero Tolerance

1996-1997 - Heroes Reborn

  • Heroes Reborn [L]: Following the apparent deaths of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom battling Onslaught, they were "reborn" and certain aspects of their earlier stories were expanded with the intent of telling their adventures anew for modern generations.

1996 - Onslaught & DC vs Marvel

  • Onslaught [WU]: The seed was planted when Xavier mind-wiped Magneto during Fatal Attractions, and he was born by the time warp of the Age of Apocalypse. Onslaught has arrived and defeating him results in the apparent "deaths" of many superheroes.
  • DC vs Marvel [L]: Two brothers who personify the DC and Marvel universes become aware of the other's existence, and challenge each other to a series of duels involving each universe's respective superheroes. The losing universe will cease to exist. The story has an out of universe component in that although there are eleven primary battles, the storyline does not show one side as being victorious. The "brothers" resolve the situation by temporarily creating a new universe, called the Amalgam universe, which is occupied by merged versions of many of the heroes. An inter-dimensional character called Access eventually manages to restore the universes to their normal state.

1995-1996 - Legion Quest & Age of Apocalypse

1994-1996 - Clone Saga

  • Clone Saga [L]: Peter Parker is told he is the clone of the original Peter Parker who has returned to reclaim his life. The highly controversial arc would create Scarlet Spider as well as various other clones. Eventually Peter would discover he was the original and the others were clones created by a villain called Jackal.

1994 - Child's Play & Phalanx Covenant

  • Phalanx Covenant [WU, U]: The Phalanx race attacks Earth. Generation X is founded in its aftermath.
  • Child's Play [L]: "Child's Play" is a 1994 Marvel Comics crossover featuring the New Warriors, X-Force, and the Upstarts. It is also the first time Karma reunites with the New Mutants since she left the team in New Mutants #54 from 1987.

1993 - Infinity Crusade, Maximum Carnage, Fatal Attractions, Bloodties, MyS-TECH Wars & Siege of Darkness

  • Siege of Darkness [L]: Sequel to the "Rise of the Midnight Sons" 1992
  • MyS-TECH Wars [WU]: MyS-TECH create a duplicate voodoo version of Earth called Unearth in a bid to take control of the planet while coordinating a demonic invasion. While Earth's mightiest heroes (including a majority of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, as well as Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Nick Fury) fighting the invasion with crossover books including Warheads.
  • Bloodties [L]: It details the fallout from Charles Xavier's infamous mindwipe of Magneto and Magneto's ultimate defeat.
  • Fatal Attractions [L]: Magneto returns more powerful and determined than ever, ripping the adamantium from Wolverine's bones and enraging Professor X. Colossus defects to Magneto's side.
  • Maximum Carnage [L]: Taking place through all the running Spider-Man titles at the time, Spider-Man teams up with Venom and various heroes to stop Carnage and his group of killers.
  • Infinity Crusade [WU, U]: Goddess, Adam Warlock's "Good Side", recruits an army of heroes to fight her holy war. Thanos and Adam Warlock unite to stop her.

1992-1993 - X-Cutioner's Song

  • X-Cutioner's Song [L]: Stryfe arrives in the present to take vengeance against Cable & the X-Men by capturing his parents Cyclops and Jean Grey. The Legacy Virus is released during its epilogue.

1992 - Operation: Galactic Storm, Rise of the Midnight Sons, Revenge of the Sinister Six & Infinity War

  • Infinity War [WU]: Magus, Adam Warlock's "Evil Side", creates evil doppelgangers of Earth's heroes to gain ultimate power.
  • Revenge of the Sinister Six [L]: The Sinister Six seek revenge on Doctor Octopus who asks Spider-Man for help. After failing to defeat Doctor Octopus the gang steal deadly weapons to start a massacre which leads Spider-Man to recruit various heroes to help stop them.
  • Rise of the Midnight Sons [L]: Horrorbasierte Helden vereinen sich gegen Lilith.
  • Operation: Galactic Storm [L, U]: Die Avengers werden in den Krieg zwischen den Kree und den Shi'ar involviert.

1991 - Muir Island Saga & The Infinity Gauntlet

  • The Infinity Gauntlet [WU, U]: Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Gems to become Supreme Being. Involves all Marvel heroes.
  • Muir Island Saga [L]: A five-part Marvel Comics crossover event involving the Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor, published in 1991. It was written by Chris Claremont and Fabian Nicieza. Leads to a change of teams.

1990-1991 - X-Tinction Agenda

  • X-Tinction Agenda [L]: The New Mutants and the X-Men are kidnapped and taken to Genosha, which culminates in their escape; the Genoshan government is overthrown.

1989-1990 - Acts of Vengeance

1989 - Saga of the Serpent Crown

  • Saga of the Serpent Crown [WU, U]: By the time the dinosaurs rolled up, Set started feeding off their life energies as they violently tore each other apart. Gaea decided to let the dinosaurs die so that mammals - the creatures with the most potential - could live. From his otherdimensional plane, Set encouraged the dinosaurs to purposely attack the mammals until he merged a few together to take physical form once more upon the Earth. The disembodied Ghaur baits Silver Surfer into restoring his physical form by hijacking Surfer's surfboard. After a brief battle, Ghaur escapes and flees to Earth, where he convinces Lemuria's ruler, Llyra, to form an alliance to summon Set back to Earth.

1988 - Fall of the Mutants, The Evolutionary War & Inferno

  • Inferno [L]: Inferno is an X-teams' event that impacted every other comic whose hero was in or around New York City. There are two separate primary storylines: The New Mutants struggle against S'ym for the soul of Illyana Rasputin, now the Darkchilde, and the X-Men and X-Factor struggle against N'Astirh and Madelyne Pryor to regain Nathan Christopher Summers.Inferno is the first X-book storyline to truly be a crossover, in that the story actually continued from one title to another from month to month (X-Men and X-Factor). (The earlier Mutant Massacre came close for X-Factor with the side story told in Thor between X-Factor comics, but it was mostly treated as a separate side story related to the ongoing events, not integral to the events themselves. There was no crossing over in that event between X-Men and X-Factor titles, both teams just happened to be involved in the same incident in different places).
  • The Evolutionary War (September) [WU]: The High Evolutionary unleashes attacks all over the world to guide the way of human evolution.
  • Fall of the Mutants [WU]: This "thematic crossover" involved primarily the three X-Men titles (Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants and X-Factor). Unlike most crossovers, the storylines did not intertwine, but were instead linked thematically as each team underwent major ordeals and drastic changes in their status quo. The X-Men are slain in Dallas during a cataclysmic battle against the Adversary. Cypher dies battling the Ani-Mator. The X-Factor team battles Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen.

1986 - Mutant Massacre

  • Mutant Massacre [WU]: Primarily involving the superhero teams the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants. Power Pack, Thor, and Daredevil crossed over for an issue in their own comic books. The sewer dwelling mutants the Morlocks suffer multiple murders from the mercenary team the Marauders.

1985 - Secret Wars II

  • Cable arrives In the “Present” Apocalypse awakens (cable -1 ) [L]
  • Secret Wars II [WU]: The Beyonder heads to Earth in a bid to understand humanity, creating a human form for himself in the process.

1984-1985 - Wraith War

1984 - Casket of Ancient Winters & Secret Wars

  • Secret Wars [WU]: The Beyonder kidnaps selected heroes and villains of Earth to battle on a planet of his creation. Spider-Man finds his Symbiote costume. Doctor Doom steal the powers of the Beyonder, becoming almost god-like in the process, but is ultimately defeated by the assembled heroes.
  • Casket of Ancient Winters [L]: Snow falls all over Earth as a prelude to Surtur's attack.

1982 - Contest of Champions

  • Contest of Champions [U, L]: The heroes of earth are abducted and transported to a large ship. The mystified heroes ponder at how all of them got each other. The Grandmaster and Death then introduce themselves as the reason all the heroes are captured. The reason the Grandmaster was playing to restore life to his recently deceased brother, The Collector. Death could restore life to his dead brother. Both entities chose twelve players, Grandmaster chose Captain America, Talisman, Wolverine, She-Hulk, The Thing, Daredevil.

1980 - Assassination

  • Assassination [L]: Attempt on Senator Kelly. Kate Pryde comes to the past.

1977-1979 - Corporation

  • Corporation [WU]: The Corporation was a nationwide criminal and political manipulating organization. They used blackmail, kidnapping, murder, narcotic sales, and terrorism to gain money and power.

1976-1977 - The Private War of Doctor Doom

1974-1979 - They Who Wield Power

  • They Who Wield Power [L]: Tyrannus Keeper of the Flame, and Prince Rey use the Sacred Flame of Life in order to take over the world and gain immortality.


1973-1974 - Thanos War

1973 - Avengers-Defenders War

1971-1972 – Kree-Skrull War

  • Kree-Skrull War [WU, U]: The Kree launched an attack upon the Skrull Empire and the peaceful Skrulls were again forced to become warlike to defend themselves. The Kree-Skrull War would continue for hundreds of thousands of years. At the same time the Cotati on Hala were almost driven to extinction by the Kree. However, a small handful of Kree, the pacifist Priests of Pama, hid and kept safe a group of Cotati. Eventually these Kree began worshiping the Cotati that they had kept sheltered. To further hide and keep them safe, the priests relocated the surviving Cotati throughout the universe. About 250 years later the Kree Science Council, aware that the Skrulls had once created an incredibly powerful weapon called the Cosmic Cube, designed a cybernetic/organic supercomputer called the Supreme Intelligence (sometimes referred to by the honorific "Supremor") to help them in creating a Cube. When the computer became functional, it determined that a Cosmic Cube would be too dangerous to construct and refused the Science Council's request. The computer was then used simply in an advisory capacity. Over time, and as the war with the Skrull dragged on, the Supreme Intelligence gradually accrued more and more political power and responsibility until finally it was elected as absolute ruler of the Kree. Eventually, the Supreme Intelligence came to be worshiped and an organized religion built up around. In the distant past, a symbiote was discovered by Kree explorers, who speculated it was being shunned due to cognitive defects and decided to harvest it for further study. The symbiote was eventually bonded to a soldier named Tel-Kar, and underwent months of training alongside him before they were dispatched to fight in the Kree-Skrull War, acting as a deep-cover spy, saboteur, and assassin. The symbiote was separated from Tel-Kar while rescuing Kree refugees - its memories of him erased in the process - and was marooned on a planet when the refugees' ship crash-landed. The Kree established a station on the planet Uranus, a strategic position between the Kree and Skrull Empires. Through their work at this station, they discovered that sentient life on nearby Earth had had genetic potential invested in it by the alien Celestials. Intrigued, the Kree began to experiment on Earth's pre-humans.

1969-1970 - Formation of the Defenders

  • Formation of the Defenders [L]: The future Defenders stop a plot by the Undying Ones. Barbara Norriss, future alter ego of the Valkyrie, also appears.

1969 - Terrible Trio

1968 - Daredevil-Dr Doom Swap & Franklin Richards

1966 - Sub-Mariner's Quest for Krang

1965 - Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s Wedding

  • Reed Richards and Susan Storm’s Wedding (November) [L]: On the wedding day of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Doctor Doom and an assembly of super villains (consisting of Attuma, Awesome Android, Beetle, Black Knight, Cobra, Diablo, Electro, Enchantress, Executioner, Grey Gargoyle, Human Top, some HYDRA agents, Kang the Conqueror, Mandarin, Melter, Mister Hyde, Mole Man, Porcupine, Puppet Master, Red Ghost and his Super Apes, Super-Skrull, and Unicorn) crash the wedding but are defeated by every super hero who was attending the wedding. This is the first time that almost every super character in the Marvel Universe at the time were gathered into one book.


1955-1975 - Vietnam War

  • Vietnam War [L]: There was also a team of heroes active some time after World War 2 until 1985, known as the First Line, but their existence was mainly kept secret from the general public. Most of them died battling Skrulls. Another team active during this period was the Monster Hunters, who battled monsters of alien and Deviant origins across the globe. However, their exploits are not well known today because a conspiracy called CONTROL tried to keep the existence of aliens and the supernatural from the general public, and succeeded for many years. During the Cold War, a joint US/Canadian task force that was later code-named "Team X" was formed. This group of spies and assassins included the men who would become Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick, and others. Subsequently, the Weapon Plus Project, which had supported the creation of the Super Soldier Project that had created Captain America, started a new iteration of its Weapon program. The Tenth Weapon program (Weapon X) resulted in the implantation of adamantium in Wolverine's body and the creation of many false memories in him and the other Team X/Weapon X agents. About ten years prior to the modern era, six couples were teleported to the lair of the demonic Gibborim, who offered six of the twelve a chance to gain power and immortality should all twelve assist the Gibborim in destroying humanity in the future. All agreed, and became The Pride. When one of the couples discovered that they were pregnant, the other couples decided to follow suit and have one child apiece, with each couple granting their eventual power and immortality to their sole offspring. In the modern era, these children would rebel against their parents and become the Runaways.

1950-1953 - Korean War

1945 - Post-World War II / Cold War

  • Post-World War II / Cold War [WU]: A young man who would later assume the identity of Erik Lehnsherr was interned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp alongside his future wife Magda. The pair escaped, married, and had a daughter, Anya. When Anya was killed in an arson attack on their home, Erik used his mutant powers to kill the attackers, frightening away Magda, who was actually pregnant with twins at the time. The twins were born in the "1950s" on Mount Wundagore, and were placed into suspended animation for several decades by the High Evolutionary. They would eventually be given to the Transian gypsy Django Maximoff, who would raise them as his own. Erik would later become the super-villain called Magneto, and his children would become Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Neither Magneto nor his children would learn of this relationship until the modern era. After the war, most of the Invaders remained active as a group called the All-Winners Squad, though they eventually disbanded and, with Citizen V and several of their allies in the Liberty Legion, formed the core of the new V-Battalion. The Human Torch was rendered inert for decades after the "1950s", and the Sub-Mariner was rendered an amnesiac following the destruction of much of Atlantis by the Set-controlled mesmerist Paul Destine ("Destiny"). During the "mid-1950s", a new Captain America and Bucky appeared. These men were devoted anti-Communists who took the real names of their namesakes as their own. They fought a new Soviet-sponsored Red Skull and various other threats from beyond the Iron Curtain. The experimental super-soldier process that had created them made them mentally unstable, so they were placed in suspended animation until the modern day, where they were revived by the original Captain America. This Captain America would later become the Grand Director of the Secret Empire, while this Bucky would recover and become the superhero Nomad. Several new heroes were active during the "1950s", including Marvel Boy, the 3-D Man, and the goddess Venus. In an alternate reality, some of them formed a short-lived team known as "The Avengers". This reality was wiped out by Immortus before it progressed into the 1960s. That particular grouping may have also existed in the main Marvel Universe, but if so, they were never called "The Avengers".

1940 - Namor vs the Original Human Torch

1939-1945 - World War II

  • World War II [WU]: Several costumed characters appeared in America before the United States entered World War II. The first was the Atlantean half-breed prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, whose dual surface-dweller and Atlantean heritage granted him superhuman strength and flight, and allowed him to breathe both air and water. However, this same heritage made him both a savior and enemy of mankind. Though often portrayed as a hero, he also waged several wars on Earth's above water populations. It was later discovered that Namor needed to have a specific amount of time under water in order to not go temporarily insane. The second costumed character to arrive prior to WWII was the android Human Torch. These two heroes came into conflict with each other, but later became steadfast allies in the face of the Axis threat. Other heroes of this time included Red Raven, the original Ka-Zar, the Patriot (Jeff Mace), and the Hurricane (actually the Eternal Makkari). The US Government secretly developed a project to create super soldiers to fight in the war, but it was sabotaged by a Nazi agent and the full formula was lost. An early prototype was used on a platoon of African American soldiers, all but one of whom (Isaiah Bradley) died. Only one soldier, Steve Rogers, was given the full super soldier treatment. Rogers was given the secret identity of Captain America to be a morale-boosting symbol. He would become one of the world's most influential heroes. Meanwhile, Isaiah Bradley was rendered brain-damaged following a near-fatal escape from a Nazi concentration camp after an apparent suicide mission, and Rogers would not learn of his existence for decades. When America entered the war, Winston Churchill himself arranged for several heroes to form a team called The Invaders, to perform missions against the Axis Powers and their super agents. Several costumed villains had important roles among the Nazis. These include the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Baron Strucker, Arnim Zola, Agent Axis, Master Man, and others. Most of them survived the war to plague the heroes of the modern era. In 1945, shortly before the Allies captured Berlin, the Red Skull was accidentally placed in a state of suspended animation, and in a separate incident Captain America was frozen in ice and his teenage sidekick Bucky was seemingly killed. Both men were soon secretly replaced by the US government to avoid lowering morale among the Allies. Soon after, the Allies advanced to Berlin, and the Invaders broke into Hitler's bunker. Although history would record it as suicide, Hitler was actually killed in self-defense by the Human Torch. Not long after the war ended, the first replacement Captain America was killed in action and was replaced by a post-war Captain America. The original Captain America and the Red Skull would both be revived in the modern era.

1914-1918 - World War I

  • World War I [Link] [WU]: The first group of costumed heroes of this century were the Freedom's Five, a group of international heroes who gathered to fight the Germans during World War I. One of their number was the first hero to be called Union Jack; his brother was the German agent called Baron Blood, who had been transformed into a vampire by Dracula. Another member of the Five was the Phantom Eagle, whose ghost would be laid to rest in the modern era with the assistance of Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. Jack Fury, father of Nick Fury, fought the Red Baron during the Great War.

1908 - Tunguska Event

  • Tunguska Event [L]: Am Morgen des 30. Juni 1908 gab es eine mysteriöse Explosion über Tunguska im dünn besiedelten ostsibirischen Taiga auf 2000 Waldfläche ab, es verursachte keine bekannten Opfer unter Menschen.

1885 - Wild West

  • Wild West [L]: Many adventurers and criminals were active in North America's "Wild West", some of whom used costumed identities, such as the Two-Gun Kid, the original Ghost Rider (later renamed the Phantom Rider and succeeded by three other men), Kid Colt, the Outlaw Kid, the Apache Kid, and the Red Wolf. Other non-masked gunfighters of the era included the Rawhide Kid, the Gunhawks, the unrelated Gunhawk, and Caleb Hammer. All of these gunslingers, save for the Rawhide Kid, the Red Wolf, and the Gunhawk Reno Jones are known to have been murdered or killed in battle by the century's end. Most of them died in a blaze of glory in 1885, defending the town of Wonderment, Montana from the land-grabbing Nightriders. That said, the Two-Gun Kid is known to have used time travel to visit the present from a time before his death on at least two separate occasions; on the first such occasion, he joined the super-heroic Avengers. The ghost of Carter Slade (one of the last Phantom Riders) would later possess his modern-day ancestor, Lincoln Slade, who became the Phantom Rider.

1859-1897 - American Civil War

American Civil War [L]: The mutant Jeb Lee was collected by Apocalypse and "stored" for later use as the Pestilence of his Final Horsemen.

The mutant Tobias Messenger was active in the 19th century.

In 1859 A.D., Dr. Nathaniel Essex presented his work and theories on the Essex Factor, illustrated by a cadaver he pieced together from human and animal remains. He was rejected by the Royal Society of London. He then looked for "freaks" and was shown a collection of some of them by the Marauders Essex later met with Apocalypse and time-travelling Cyclops and Phoenix.

In 1860 A.D., the British and the French allied together to fight the Chinese during the the Second Opium War. They faced the Iron Fist at the Forts of Taku. Although a great warrior, the army lost and were taken prisoner and forced into hard labor, and then the power of the Iron Fist left him.

Baron Hobart Zemo was the tenth Baron in the Zemo family lineage. Hobart was killed during a civilian uprising in 1879. After attempts were made on the life of the German emperor, William I, the previous year, there was legislation passed that outlawed the social democratic party which led to the uprising. Hobart's great-grandson from the future, Helmut Zemo, had tried to save his life, but went back in time before being able to do so.

In 1882 A.D., James Howlett was born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

In 1890 A.D., the events that inspired Bram Stoker's novel Dracula occurred, although Dracula survived the conclusion by transforming into mist when stabbed by Abraham van Helsing and his vampire hunters.

In 1897 A.D., when Vampires began plaguing London, the Clan Akkaba awoke Apocalypse to help destroy them. After he would remain suspended animation until the modern era, and Dracula was staked by Abraham van Helsing. Dracula was revived by none other than the Frankenstein's monster, and after the two fought, Dracula returned to and killed van Helsing. Van Helsing was survived by at least one child, and his granddaughter Rachel would fight Dracula in the modern era.


1347 - Black Plague

  • 1347 - Black Plague [WU]: Dafydd ap Andras was born in a small village south of Wales. Dafydd's mother died in childbirth, and he began to manifest powers at birth. In 1347, many of the townspeople blamed him for failed crops, plagues and called him a demon. Wanting to end the plague effecting the village, the townspeople demanded to sacrifice him. When Dafydd's father, Andras Tryp, refused to give in to the townspeople's demands, they set fire to their home, killing Andras and nearly killing Dafydd who saved himself by teleporting away from the home with help from his older self. In Crimea, the Proto-Mutants who lived as a tribe apart from the local humans were immune to the Black Plague. As the humans spotted that immunity, their fear and anger grew. They captured and killed Proto-Mutant Ister's sister, possibly drinking her blood, seeking for a cure. The Proto-Mutants retreated further into the hills but were slaughtered by the humans and buried in a mass grave near Kuryk, Kazakhstan, off the Caspian Sea.


  • 1245 [L]: Khor lebt in Frankreich, wird aber bald von Seinesgleichen verbannt und findet seine neue Heimat in Savage Land, wo er für Jahrhunderte leben sollte. Während einer unbekannten Zeitspanne wurde die Robe of Evil von De Signy getragen, bis dieser in Frankreich gehängt wurde.
  • 1211 [L]: during a period when China was being invaded by Genghis Khan, China was visited by 20th Century time traveler Tommy Tyme. Tommy prevented Khan from obtaining the Crown of Confucius, which would have made the warlord the undisputed ruler of China.Als in 1211 A.D. Using the Time Platform, Doctor traveled back in time and became involved in a romantic relationship with Morgan le Fay in exchange for her tutelage in the mystic arts. This arrangement was interrupted when the Mighty Avengers came to Latveria to arrest Doctor Doom for crimes against humanity. During the battle, Doom, Iron Man, and the Sentry, stumbled through an open time travel portal, trapping Doctor Doom and his opponents in the past. Doctor Doom and Iron Man managed to return all three to the present, where the Sentry subdued Doctor Doom.
  • 1155 [L]: Traveler entdeckt Celestial Ship. Er findet En Sabah Nur in der Hälfte seiner Verwandlung zu Apokalypse und schickt ihn auf eine Reise durch das All.
  • 1152 [L]: En Sabah Nur tötet Garbha-Hsien und versucht das Celestial Ship zu entern.
  • 1150 [L]: En Sabah Nur gegen Traveler. Nur infiziert ihn mit techno-organischen Virus um Zutritt zum Celestial Ship zu erhalten.
  • 1145 - Chthon: The demon God Chthon committed most of his evil spells to documents called the Darkhold scrolls. An evil monk named Aelfric eventually gathered them together but he was burned at the stake. The Catholic church came into possession of the scrolls. Paolo Montesi was a monk who was the curator of the Darkhold scrolls and was tasked with translating them. Paolo learned of something called the Malachy Prophecy which told of the tenure of each pope for nearly the next thousand years.Paolo gave this information to Pope Eugene III. The Pope declared that the scrolls and everything related to the Darkhold would be compiled into one book of which Paolo and his family would be entrusted. The Pope allowed Paolo a special dispensation to marry so Paolo's descendants would safe guard the book. Paolo was killed by the first vampire Varnae who had hoped to keep the church from using the book to wipe out all Vampires. Paolo's infant son Giacomo was born soon after and for 8 centuries the Montesi family dedicated themselves to destroying vampires.
  • 1013 - Apocalypse vs Thor [L]: Apocalypse hatte nur seine Celestial-Rüstung.
  • 896 [L]: In 896 A.D., Norway; Bodolf became a great warrior by praying to Thor before every single one of his battles, with the God of Thunder usually appearing in the flesh to help him fall his enemies. But over time he became cocky and forgot to pray.With his army routed, his lands seized, and his wealth gone, Bodolf resorted to praying once again, but to a different god, Loki. Loki eventually appeared before Bodolf and directed him in a quest for power to rival Thor. Bodolf embarked in a journey to kill a dragon and drink its fiery blood. He drank his blood becoming a monster. With his newfound power, he battled Thor. After a furious battle that took them across the globe, both warriors returned to Norway. When Loki began to cheer for Bodolf, the viking soon attacked the god, unwilling to be a puppet. Thor caught a second wind and punched Godolf through the Earth to the southern pole of the planet. The defeated viking proceeded to wander the Earth, fighting to suppress the monster inside him.
  • 893 [L]: Im Jahre 893 wurde an der Westküste von Island im Dorf Kolkumyrar jemand von einer Gruppe von Frost Giants angegriffen. Die Dörfer beteten um Hilfe und Thor kam zu ihrer Rettung und schlachtete die Jotuns. Die Dörfer feierten mit Thor bis er sich als Asgardians enthüllte. Danach kehrte er immer wieder zurück um nach dem Dorf und den Bewohnern zu sehen, wie auch unter ihnen zu leben.
  • 750 - Tang Dynasty [L]: Die Tang-Dynastie begann in China zu herrschen. Dies galt als kultureller Höhepunkt in der chinesischen Zivilisation. Während dieser Zeit landete eine Gruppe von Außerirdischen, die als Makluans bekannt waren in der Gegend und konnten sich auf der Erde verstecken. Einer von ihnen namens Fin Fang Foom wurde jedoch in den Winterschlaf geschickt, später fiel ihre Technologie in die Hände des Mandarin.
  • 750 [L]: In Baghdad versagt Second Man, die 3 Brothers of Casualty fallen in einen langen Schlaf.
  • 600 [L]: Big Mother und Grendell terrorisieren das Sumpfgebiet rund um Heorot Hall in Dänemark. Beowulf tötete Grendell & Big Mother, nur um dann als König zu regieren bis er selbst im Kampf gegen einen Drachen getötet wurde. Grendell kehrte zwar zurück, aber Thor kam um sein Volk zu retten. In dieser Zeit unterstützte Sersi auch Merlin.
  • 476 [WU]: Nach dem Fall des Römischen Reiches im Jahre 476 begann eine Zeit des Chaos, bekannt als Dark Ages in Europa. Der letzte Kaiser von Rom Romulus Augustus wird von Odoacer besiegt, er starb jedoch nicht sondern floh nach Großbritannien. Indes half Merlin König Arthur das Königreich Camelot zu errichten und bat den Black Knight darum der Dark Magic entgegen zu wirken, welche auf den Sohn von König Arthur Einfluss nahm. Am Ende brachten Mordred und Morgan le Fay Camelot zu Fall, wurden dabei aber selbst getötet. Iron Man und Doctor Doom waren zu dieser Zeit anwesend, nach einer Schlacht und dem Verrat eines Angestellten von Doom. Iron Man verbündete sich mit Arthur und Doom mit Morgan, aber die beiden Zeitreisenden wurden schließlich gezwungen zusammenzuarbeiten um in die Gegenwart zurückzukehren. Irgendwann vor dem Fall von Camelot wurde Modred von Merlin (oder einem Betrüger) angesprochen um Magie in Camelot zu studieren. Modred wurde stattdessen durch die Macht des Darkhold korrumpiert und verlor seine Seele und Liebe verlieren, aber wurde damit fast Unsterblich und erlangte die Beherrschung der Magie.
  • 114 [L]: Luoyang während der Han Dynasty. Zhan Heng verhandelt mit Celestial Madonna.

Vor Christus

3000-2620 - v. Chr.

10'000 - 1'000'000

  • 10,000 BC – The Hyborian Age [WU]: Als Folge des Great Cataclysm welcher durch die Celestials verursacht wurde, ging die Technologie der Menschheit von Jahrtausenden verloren und sie kehrten zur Barbarei zurück. Während dieser Zeit wurde das Hyborian Age von Conan gezeichnet. Kulan Gath manifestierte sich schließlich in der Gegenwart zusammen mit seiner Feindin Red Sonja. Die meisten Zivilisationen der Zeit wurden schließlich Vorfahren der tatsächlichen historischen Zivilisationen wie Ägypten. Gorsvil wurde zum 7. Apokalypse. Während die Welt neue Zivilisationen entwickelte und heranwuchs, kam der Third Host um die Zivilisationen zu prüfen. In diesem Fall der Erde wurden die Asgardians, Olympians und viele andere Lebensformen in höheren Positionen gebeten sich nicht in das Geschehen der Menschen einzumischen und von ihnen auf diese Art zwangläufig anbeten zu lassen.
  • Kelby Tak war der 6. Apocalypse bevor Gorsvil kam. [L]
  • 18.500 / 16'000 - Second Host / Great Cataclysm: Der Second Host mit Zorn und Disziplin sorgt für den Great Cataclysm, die Eternals ignorierten die Grundmenschlichkeit weil die Deviants diese versklavten. Die Celestials vernichteten die meisten Deviants und ihre Hochburg Lemuria, was auch zum Untergang von Atlantis und Lemuria - auf den Grund des Ozeans führte.
  • 100'000-18'000 - Pre-Cataclysmic Age [W]: Das Pre-Cataclysmic Age war eine imaginäre Periode, welche um 100'000 vor Christus mit dem aufkommen der Thuria-Zivilisation. Um 18'000 vor Christus endete diese Ära, welche geprägt war von vielen Zivilisationen von modernen Menschen, welche noch tausende Jahre vor der Jungsteinzeit entfernt waren. Zu jenen gehörten Kull, Serpent Men & Wolf Men, der Erschaffung der Inhumans und der Gründung von Attilan und der Erschaffung der Vampire. Aus dem Ganzen folgte der Human-Deviant War, der Second Host und schlussendlich der Great Cataclysm mit der Zerstörung von Mu, Lemuria und Atlantis führten.
  • 1'000'000 - First Host [WU]: Die ersten Avengers bestehend aus Odin, Phoenix, Aggamotto, Black Panther, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist kommen zum Einsatz. Der First Host - einer von vier Testern, welche von den Celestials magisch erschaffen wurden. Während dem First Host wählen die Celestials die dominante Rasse der Erde aus und verändern aus unbekannten Gründen deren DNA. Die Celestials nutzen ihre fortgeschrittene Technologie und teilen diese Rasse in drei verschiedene Rassen auf: Die führende Rasse auf der Erde - die Menschen. Dann folgten die Mutanten / Magier und das mit einer Unmenge an individuellen Fertigkeiten. Eine andere Rasse namens Eternals sorgt dafür, dass die Deviants schlussendlich als dritte Rasse aus der führenden Rasse auf der Erde entsteht.